Abilene Business Expo 2017

April 10, 2017 | Category:



On March 22nd, Abilene’s Chamber of Commerce held the annual Business Expo. We enjoyed having a booth and introducing everyone to the new look of the Sof Line™. Of course we had to open one of everything and many stopped to try them out. ScarSof® Scar Treatment Cream remained a favorite (as always!). PediSof™ Dry Finish Foot Repair Cream, SpaSof® Hand & Body, and SpaSof® Age Defying Face Cream were also very popular among the newly redesigned line.

One of the best aspects of the Business Expo for us, and ultimately why we come to work every day, is hearing the remarkable stories from end customers who have had amazing results using Blue Stop Max®.  We heard #reliefstory after #reliefstory, from Abilenians that have been using our massage gel for years and know Dr. Halbert personally to people who tore their sample open five minutes after they picked it up from the booth. We love our community and are so grateful for the chance every year to connect with consumers and fellow Abilene businesses! If you came by to see us, thank you! If you’d like to share, feel free to post your own #reliefstory on our FB or Twitter.