The Clavél Story

The Clavél Story by D.S. Halbert, MD:

“Sometimes in tragedy, we find our life’s purpose. One summer evening in 1968 my 9-year-old son fell out of the front seat of a car and was struck by the rear wheel, causing extensive bone, eye, and skin damage. The accident required a total of 15 plastic surgery operations over the next 15 years. This tragic experience motivated me as a father and a general surgeon to dedicate myself to develop ScarSof® for scar amelioration.

As everyone knows nothing will completely remove a scar but if the appearance of a scar can be improved, both the patient and the doctor are grateful. At Clavél Corporation we began tests with different ingredients in different proportions and after years of research, we found the right combination to help scars become lighter, softer and less noticeable.

Since the healing process of scars lasts about 2 years the research was demanding and tedious. This research began in the early 1980s and was first released to the professional market for use by doctors and therapists. Now, ScarSof® has been released to the general public.

ScarSof® was tested on large numbers of patients by applying it during the healing process to one half of the scar and using the other half of the patient’s scar as a control. The results were dramatic. This extensive research proved the effectiveness of ScarSof®, dramatically improving the appearance and feel of scars.”